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The Perfect Storm: Chinese Coronavirus, Civil Unrest and the Internationally Backed Marxist Insurgency

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not in Kansas anymore and things are likely to get far worse before they begin to get better as an internationally backed Marxist insurgency designed to subvert the will of the American people and the results of the 2016 presidential election threatens to undermine our Constitutional Republic. Amidst a Chinese coronavirus pandemic that has seen primarily Democratic controlled states institute tyrannical and authoritarian measures across the land; rioting, looting and arson in cities across the United States by revolutionary communists and militant black extremists in response to perceived racial injustices and opposition to President Trumps 2020 bid for re-election is increasingly growing out of control and will only be allowed to go so far before Uncle Sam decides that he has seen enough and finally begins to put his foot down.

According to an abstract from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee titled, “The Reverend Jim Jones and Religious, Political and Racial Radicalism in Peoples Temple,” author Catherine Abbott writes,  “Jones claimed to be a prophet and then God, criticized the Bible and became atheistic, called himself a Marxist, a socialist, and a Communist, and strove for equal rights for minorities in the United States through his interactions with the Black Panther Party and prominent black religious figures, including Father Divine. The “cult” was said to have committed “revolutionary suicide,” a phrase used by Huey Newton.”

Astonishingly, we find in chapter 4 of the UWM report (pg. 84) information describing what is known as “The King Alfred Plan.” According to Abbott, “We have this discussion of the King Alfred Plan here," cult-leader Jim Jones reportedly explained to his followers. "We have the discussion … that the past cabinet just approved, which will be the total annihilation of the black race,” said Jones. “In a sermon recorded in Philadelphia in 1977, Jones tells Peoples Temple members from where he got this information about the concentration camps:

"I heard it from the heads of the government of the United States today, ‘cause I just come in from Washington, just flew in on the plane from the conference with the top notch leaders," explained Jones. "I listen to them talk about planned takeovers … Task force warns nation to get ready for riots and to get ready for martial law and to get ready for concentration camps… Get ready for identification marks to be put on your body and identification marks, even if necessary tattooed,” Jones warnedgt.

According to The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee report, “Jones implored his followers to ‘go home and read … Executive Order 11490 and 11647. You go home and read it.’ He continued, ‘Right now, they’re preparing to set up a dictatorship—it’s already written into law—that will give the president (the authority) to move people wherever he wants to, to put them in concentration camps, to take over every office, over every factory. He’ll put serial numbers and a mark of the beast right on you. You’ll not be anymore a person, you’ll be a number. And every black and brown and poor white will be done away with."

Digging deeper into the subject, according to a May 6, 2015 document from San Diego State University titled, “The King Alfred Plan & Concentration Camps,” SDSU writes that, “In many ways, the reported existence of government programs along the lines of the King Alfred Plan was a symptom of its times. With precedent in Nazi Germany and contemporary uses in the apartheid regime of the Union of South Africa, the concept of concentration camps in the U.S. was not far-fetched. There was even a precedent within living memory of many Temple members, with rumors that the McCarran Act of the 1950s allowed federal authorities to round up subversives – at the time, it meant Communists – and put them in concentration camps in times of national emergency.”

Interestingly, according to the SDSU report, “While the truth of the program resonated within the black communities of the American cities, the plan itself was fiction, coming from a 1967 novel The Man Who Cried I am by John A. Williams. The author compared the plan to programs created by FBI head J. Edgar Hoover to monitor black militants. The fact is, however, the plan under that name never existed, except, in part, as a way for Jones to describe the coming American political apocalypse.”

A December 31, 2017 article from The New Yorker titled, “How a Fictional Racist Plot Made the Headlines and Revealed an American Truth,” author Merv Emre described the oral history of the King Alfred Plan as a fictitious report put together by Williams and his associates as a supporting document for the novel. According to The New Yorker, “In mid-October, Williams asked Little, Brown for a hundred copies of the plan—ones that made no mention of his novel—and began leaving them in subway cars in Manhattan. According to Williams’s friend, the journalist Herbert Boyd, ‘The ploy worked so well that soon after black folks all over New York City were talking about ‘the plan’—a fictitious plot that many thought was true.”

Later, The New Yorker would go on to report, “Portions of the plan were redacted; the map was enhanced to include color-coordinated keys and city names where the concentration camps were located; patterned code names such as “Rex-84,” short for “Readiness Exercise 84,” were affixed to the documents. The plan migrated north to Boston and west to Chicago, where members of activist groups, unsure whether it was real or fictional, read it at meetings, sometimes aloud, and interpreted how its designs reflected the history of black oppression in America.”

While a provision under the name of the King Alfred Plan may not exist, the fact is “contingency plans for the continuity of government,” do exist and the acknowledgement of their existence has even managed to enter into the lexicon of popular American culture and lure. According to a May 13, 2019 CSPAN.org user created clip titled, “Oliver North being questioned on REX 84,” Congressman Jack Brooks famously asked Oliver North during the Iran-Contra hearing, “Colonel North, in your work at the NSC, were you not assigned at one time to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster?”

It was a question that immediately sparked a reaction from North, who whispering in the ear of his attorney, managed to convince the co-chair of the hearings, Senator Inouey of Hawaii, to rebuke Congressman Brooks for “Touching upon a highly sensitive and classified area” before going on to respectfully request the Congressman not touch upon that topic anywhere but behind a closed door session where special arrangements can be made.

“I was particularly concerned Mr. Chairman,” explained Congressman Brooks, “Because I read in Miami papers in several others that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of an emergency, that would suspend the American Constitution and I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was the area in which he had worked?”

A January, 2000 report from LSU.edu titled, “The Imposition of Martial Law in the United States,” by Major Kirk L. Davies outlines a hypothetical scenario in the United States where the introduction of a biological agent into the general population quickly overwhelms local authorities and the existing infrastructure within the United States; resulting in chaos in the streets and the declaration of martial law as a result.

According to the report, “The term "martial law" has an ominous ring to it, especially in a country founded upon notions of civil liberties and individual rights. Considering our national predilection for demanding "our rights," and in view of the constitutional separation of powers, a President who imposed martial law would certainly face strong political and legal opposition. Even if our population faced a severe disaster, like the one described above, it is entirely predictable that many Americans would rebel against a President who took such drastic action, despite the President's good intentions.”

In describing a real-world scenario in which the existing infrastructure and local authorities were quickly overwhelmed beyond their capacity to contain the situation, the LSU report went on to cite the civil unrest that resulted following the acquittal of four LAPD officers involved in the Rodney King excessive force case. “One can easily construct a crisis scenario that overwhelms the capabilities of civilian law enforcement and relief agencies,” Major Davies wrote. “For example, during the 1992 Los Angeles riots, civilian law enforcement agencies were unable to cope with the widespread rioting and relied upon National Guard and Federal troops to help restore order.”

“According to a Department of Defense (DOD) directive, "[T]he primary responsibility for protecting life and property and maintaining law and order in the civilian community is vested in the State and local government," explains Major Davies.

“Within the federal government, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the lead federal agency for domestic disaster relief. Under FEMA's Federal Response Plan, DOD has assigned responsibilities during disaster response operations. FEMA's primary responsibilities lie in the area of disaster or consequence management. As an agency, they are neither trained, nor manned, to handle scenarios involving insurrection,” the LSU.edu report explains.

“In such a severe crisis, if the President would be inclined to streamline the operational chains of command; resulting in removing FEMA from its primary role in consequence management, for (the) DOD taking over the process under a proclamation of martial law,” writes Major Davies.

The parallels with this information in relation to the sociopolitical events currently unfolding in the United States today is uncanny. With President Trump having declared a National Emergency in the face of a the Chinese coronavirus having overwhelmed the existing infrastructure in the United States; according to an April 21, 2020 ABC News article titled, “FEMA’s coronavirus response by the numbers: 33M masks, 56M respirators, 10,000 ventilators” authors Kaitlyn Folmer and Josh Morgolin explain FEMA is currently in control of the coronavirus response in the United States, mirroring the information presented by Major Davies in "The Implementation of Martial Law in the United States" report.

According to the aforementioned ABC News article, “While our national response has dramatically improved since FEMA took charge, one has to wonder why the White House waited so long to place them in charge and whether that delay placed lives at risk,” explained ABC News contributor John Cohen, a former acting undersecretary at the Department of Homeland Security where he worked with FEMA.”

And not only are we currently under a declaration of National Emergency following the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, which was resulted in a near total national lockdown and tyrannical, authoritarian measures being implemented across the land; but chaos, rioting and civil unrest has exploded in cities from coast to coast in the face of several high profile law enforcement killings of unarmed African Americans which has resulted in communist revolutionaries and militant black extremists seizing on the opportunity to nearly burn the country to the ground.

"’You have here a group of several hundred people who have laid siege to a territory and have claimed it as a separate political entity from the United States,’ explained Andy Ngo, “Following the establishment of an ‘autonomous zone’ by anti-police protesters in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood earlier this week,” according to a June 11, 2020 FoxNews.com report titled, “Andy Ngo reports from Seattle: ‘Hard for me to overstate the anarchy that is on the streets.”

In bringing an increasingly frightening picture into focus, President Trump has since directed Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to take back the streets of Seattle or else he will be forced to do it himself according to a June 11, 2020 KIRO7.com report by Essex Porter titled, “Trump renews military threat against Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

Which is information that again parallels Major Davies LSU.edu report on “The Imposition of Martial Law in the United States” to an eerie and unsettling degree as the road map to martial law is slowing unfolding before our very eyes. With local authorites either unable or unwilling to put the civil unrest down in Seattle and FEMA increasingly finding itself unable to sufficiently handle situations arising out of Insurrection it appears as if the next step in the governments prepared civil disturbance response plan is for the Department of Defense to take control of the situation following the declaration of martial law.

Although the King Alfred Plan is an apparent fictitious cultural representation of real-world circumstances and events defining the continuity of government operations in the event of a major disaster, it is clear that the “fictitious” plan is in fact based upon genuine civil disturbance contingency plans developed by the United States government.

In crossing over from the eerie and unsettling straight into the Twilight Zone, according to an April 11, 2020 Washington Post article titled, “4 reasons coronavirus is hitting black communities so hard,” author Eugene Scott writes that, “A Washington Post analysis of early data from jurisdictions across the country found that the novel coronavirus appears to be affecting — and killing — black Americans at a disproportionately high rate compared to white Americans.” And within the outer limits of the Twilight Zone, exists the fact the United States government itself absolutely has designs on placing coronavirus patients in FEMA concentration camp facilities according to a February 23, 2020 ABC News article titled, “Feds backtrack on transfer of quarantined coronavirus patients to Alabama.”

“Hours after Anniston County's City Council voted Sunday to pursue legal action against the federal government over its proposal to transfer patients from the Diamond Princess cruise ship to the town's FEMA facility for quarantine, U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby and Gov. Kay Ivey announced on Twitter that plans had changed.”

And with militant black extremists and revolutionary communists having declared open season on the perceived bourgeoise of American society, rioting in the streets across America and protesting in predominantly white, affluent neighborhoods, one Representative from the state of Georgia says that he has had enough.

“Democratic Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones will introduce legislation that would make attacks on President Trump’s supporters hate crimes,” explains Emma Collins in her June 10, 2020 Washington Examiner article titled, “Georgia Democrat who endorsed Trump to introduce bill making attacks on president’s supporters hate crimes.” According to the report, “Jones, who announced his support for Trump's reelection bid earlier this year, tweeted Tuesday that he’d seen videos of the president’s supporters being attacked and wanted such instances deemed hate crimes in the future.”

“I’ve watched countless videos of Trump supporters getting attacked in the streets simply due to their support of @realDonaldTrump,” said Jones. “Let’s call this what this is: a hate crime. And as we return to the legislature next week, I’ll be introducing legislation that’ll make it such.”

Congressman’s Jones proposed hate crimes legislation comes on the heels of President Trumps remarks earlier in the week where he explained that, “These are not acts of peaceful protest.  These are acts of domestic terror.  The destruction of innocent life and the spilling of innocent blood is an offense to humanity and a crime against God,” according to a June 1, 2020 “Statement by the President.”

With unchecked anarchy in the streets of America as cities across the nation burn, a real-life King Alfred scenario is unfolding amidst a global coronavirus pandemic and widespread dissent where the blood of innocent Americans is being spilled at the hands of militant black extremists and revolutionary communists hell bent on destruction. With FEMA currently in charge of the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic but increasingly losing control of a chaotic, violent situation President Trumps threat to take back the streets of Seattle parallels not only Major Davies' Louisiana State University martial law outline but harkens back to Congressman Jack Brooks' line of questioning to Colonel Oliver North over REX-84 and the plan to suspend the United States Constitution in the event of a major crisis.

According to page 230 of a PDF from the CDC.gov website titled, “National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan,” the plan to suppress domestic insurrection in the United States is known as “Garden Plot,” or the U.S. Joint Forces Civil Disturbance Plan. According to the report, working under the auspices of The Insurrection Act, “The President may, upon request of a State legislature, or the Governor when the legislature cannot be convened, send the Armed Forces as necessary to suppress an insurrection against State authority.” The uncanny parallels to the supporting academic based sources compared to the circumstances and events currently taking place in the United States today almost suggesting a planned, coordinated schedule of events unfolding in real time rather than simply the result of random happenstance or chance.

For those keeping track, the plan to do away with every “black, brown and poor white” in the United States is known under a variety of names to include the King Alfred Plan, REX-84, Operation Garden Plot and the U.S. Joint Forces Civil Disturbance Plan, not to be outdone of course by “Mao Tse-tungs 1963 ‘thesis’ forecasting the eventual overthrow of the American system of government through internal revolution.”

According to the authors Yuan-Li Wu and H.C. Ling of the 1969 book titled, “As Peking See’s Us: ‘Peoples War’ in the United States and Communist China’s American Policy,” the communist Chinese government has actively given great consideration to supporting white anarchists, black militants and pro-Chinese groups in armed rebellion against the United States government in an effort to combat U.S. foreign policy abroad by driving the U.S. out of the South China Sea to concentrate on the Chinese backed Marxist insurgency at home.

And according to a June 10, 2020 TheEpocTimes.com article from author Trevor Loudon titled, “Beijing’s Revenge? Two Pro-China Communist Parties Coordinate Violent US Protests,” that may be exactly what is occurring as the fabric of society itself is coming undone in America. According to the report, “Two pro-China communist parties – Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Liberation Road – are playing leading roles in coordinating the often-violent protests now occurring in the United States.”

With former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov having warned of the ideological subversion of generations of Americans through the socialist indoctrination of the public education system, the chickens have finally come home to roost in the United States as America begins to eat her own. With generations of useful idiots in the United States ndoctrinated to reduce the bourgeoisie and proletariat foundational underpinnings of Marxism down to the lowest common denominator of white versus black, rich versus poor and oppressor versus the opressed; the revolutionary class warefare struggle against the modern day Kulaks of the United States has predictably begun.

Between an internationally backed Marxist insurgency designed to subvert the will of the American people and overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election and the Chinese coronavirus pandemic that has prompted a declaration of National Emergency and seen tyrannical, authoritarian measures instituted from primarily Democratic controlled states across the land it is not hard to see that hard times potentially lay ahead. With rioting and looting in the streets of America attesting to the fact that we’re not in Kansas anymore with militant black extremists and revolutionary communists attempting to burn the country down to the ground, its only a matter of time before Uncle Sam decides that he has seen enough of the shenanigans and unrest and begins to put his foot down. As the Chinese coronavirus pandemic rages on, disproportionately affecting African Americans, any perceived crackdown on revolutionary communists, black militant or domestic right wing extremists is sure to prompt calls that the King Alfred Plan and REX-84 have finally been set into motion.