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For many years, one of the many conclusions I have reached in life is that the truth is like a prism. There are many sides to a prism, each side being a representation of the truth. As someone who has spent a significant amount of time researching and learning about the Marxist threat to the American way of life, I’ve quite literally did everything in my power to warn the American people about the looming threat of the red socialist enemy from within. From examining the philosophical, political and academic underpinnings of the internationally backed Marxist insurgency to the federal governments planned response for the insurrection currently unfolding in the streets of cities across the land.

The foundations for the widespread anarchy and violence in America today began decades ago in academia, to chiefly include the public education system and other popular forms of media and culture to subvert the American people from within by indoctrinating them into the Marxist-Leninist ideology of the enemy. As the former KGB agent and ideological subversion expert Yuri Bezmenov explained through a series of interviews, lectures and writings, “Marxist-Leninism has been pumped into the soft heads of generations of Americans,” in what has ultimately culminated into the anti-American, pro-Marxist ideology of America’s youth today.

While Americans were busy working two jobs, worshipping the grid iron and “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” their children were being indoctrinated into the socialist worldview underneath their parents noses. Instead of being taught how great of a nation America is, the public education system has erroneously and unfairly taught our children what kind of evil and systematically racist nation the United States is by perverting the truth, history and even reality itself to fit their Marxist narrative.

While this information may come as a surprise to the countless generations of Americans indoctrinated through the public education system, it is unfortunately hardly news to the United States government who have been debriefed by several Soviet defectors throughout the years on the ideological subversion of America from within. With a violent Marxist insurgency currently erupting on the streets of America, not only does academia own a significant part and responsibility for the violence, chaos and destruction plaguing our great nation but the sins of the traitorous elements within the United States government and media itself cannot be so easily overlooked in allowing if not outright contributing to the subversion of America from within.

With this information in mind, one would be remiss to take the current Marxist insurgency unfolding in the United States at face value with anything but a healthy dose of skepticism and doubt. What is clear however, is that widespread rioting, looting and violence from coast to coast has resulted in the destruction of the livelyhoods of countless innocent Americans, their property and way of life. This is violence and hate being perpetrated by American’s, against Americans, though the perpetrators are largely members of the Democratic party who are targeting conservative, and in many cases white Americans for unimaginable violence and terror.

In a world where up is down and right is increasingly wrong, individuals from various marginalized groups in the United States are actively targeting white, conservative Americans for violence, looting and destruction as large swaths of the leftist, American constituency actively look on and cheer the lawlessness. The anti-white sentiment so pervasive and out of control in the United States that even vast numbers of the white American population itself, indoctrinated to hate their own people through the perversion of the public education system, champion the divisive Marxist cause.

The United States is well on is way to a fate not dissimilar to the one that befell Rhodesia, a once great nation which unfortunately no longer exists due to the tide of an internationally backed Marxist insurgency and United Nations intervention. Today, Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, serves as a microcosm of things to come for the United States if it cannot manage to turn the ship around and take the country back from the clutches of the internationally backed communist insurgency.

According to the former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, the only way for America to save itself is for the American people to force the United States government to stop aiding Soviet communism and to immediately begin educating America’s youth in the virtues of “Americanism” or American patriotism. As Bezmenov explained, the socialist indoctrinated left is poisoned, we are stuck with them, their perception of reality contaminated to such an extent that they are beyond the reaches and realm of reason.

And in my experience, as someone who has attempted to warn Americans on both sides of the political aisle to the existence of the US governments continuity of government operation plans to include REX 84 and its sub program, Operation Garden Plot; the cognitive dissonance and outright brainwashing of the American people has proven to be a formidable adversary nearly impossible to overcome.

The America that we all once knew before the authoritarian based lockdown measures crippled our economy and nation will absolutely seem like the imperfect paradise that it was compared to the imposition of martial law in the United States and the loss of civil liberties and freedoms associated with the military assuming control. Almost assuredly, should the unrest fail to descalate by itself mass causalities and imprisonment will follow as the United States government takes back the streets of America.

With President Trump being in the throes of an an internationally backed coup d’état, the victim of endless charges and investigations by the Democratic party and their mainstream media conspirators, the current chaos ravishing cities across the nation is no doubt only a taste of things to come as the plot to unseat President Trump from office and override the results of the 2016 presidential election continues to unfold.

Over the course of my studies and research on Marxism and communist revolutions, it has become clear that martial law has always been an ever present and looming threat in the immediate background of the Marxist' plans to overthrow the United States government. Unbeknownst to most however, the US government has contingency plans for s variety of scenarios, including continuity of government and civil disturbance operation plans in the event of insurrection or rebellion.

Known as REX 84, elements of the program to suspend the United States Constitution in the event of a major disaster were first made available to the public in 1987 by the Miami Herald following the Iran-Contra investigation and the readiness exercise is purported to contain numerous sub-programs to include Operation Garden Plot and Cable Splicer. Other researchers, including Dr. Ray Hagins, have spoken of REX 84 as also being known and designated as The King Alfred Plan, declaring the program as a plan to put American citizens into prison labor camps under military control.

“The message for today brothers and sisters is entitled, ‘The King Alfred Plan: The Extermination of Blacks in Amerikkka,” explained Dr. Ray Hagins, Chief Elder and spiritual leader of The Afrikan Village in St Louis, Missouri. “One of the things that you should understand brothers and sisters before going any further, is that I want you to prepare your psyche now. This message is not a spiritual one, this message is not a churchianity kind of thing, this message today is to let you know what is going on in our socio-political environment. Does everybody understand that?" asked Dr. Hagins.

“So, kind of gear your head up for that, alright? And understand that I am going to share some information in this message that is very disturbing, I’m telling you now. It's not meant to depress you, it’s meant to make you aware. It's not meant to make you walk out of here feeling like there is no hope, its meant to make you walk out of here saying, ‘I got to get busy’ in informing my brothers and sisters of what’s really going on so that we can prepare ourselves for what is coming,” warned Dr. Hagins.

Explaining this information was researched and obtained by himself and his fellow colleagues in the United States Library of Congress from declassified US government documents, Dr. Hagins went on to cite passages from scripture, explaining that it was his duty to warn others of information that they might not know about or be aware of regardless if it is likely to fall on deaf ears or go ignored.

“This program actually details the arrest, detention, encampment and extermination of the Black and Hispanic or Latino population of this country. No other race of people have had a program written for them but the black and of course, in 1984 it was amended to include the Hispanic population,” explained Dr. Hagins. “President Reagan, along with the ex-Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Louis Giuffrida, proposed this amendment in 1984, on April 6, 1984, and hence you have the additional codename REX 84,” explained Hagins.

Nestled within page 8 of a document on the FEMA.gov website is a file titled, “Annual Report 1983: A Report to the President of Emergency Management in the United States,” where information confirming the existence of REX 84 can be discovered. Operation Garden Plot can be sourced to numerous .edu, .mil and .gov websites, including on page 230 of a PDF discovered on the CDC.gov website titled, “National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan,” where Garden Plot is described as a protocol under the Insurrection Act, which is also known as the US Joint Forces Civil Disturbance Plan.

Considering the United States is under a declaration of National Emergency due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and a Marxist insurgency is concurrently occuring in dozens of cities across the United States who are simultaneously experiencing rioting, violence, arson and chaos at the hands of militant Black Lives Matter supporters and revolutionary communists, the immediate and pressing nature of continuity of government and civil disturbance operation plans has never seemed more likely and prudent.

“In September 1968, months after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and ensuing riots, the U.S. Army published a then-classified plan called Garden Plot, noting “dissatisfaction with the environmental conditions contributing to racial unrest and civil disturbances,” writes Conor Friedersdorf in his January 16 2018 TheAtlantic.com article titled, “When the Army Planned for a Fight in U.S. Cities.” Which is information that echoes the fears of Dr. Ray Hagins nearly two decades ago now who warned of a plan in place to round up and detain African Americans in the event of racial or societal unrest.

Although today, according to Representative Michelle Bachman, the focus of the United States government may include a new kind of extremist. “They call people who believe in the sanctity of life, who believe in owning firearms, who believe in serving this nations military and coming back, who are very concerned with the policies that this nation is embarking on; spending too much money, taxing too much. It’s all listed right here, these are the domestic right-wing extremists,” explained Representative Bachman in disbelief as she confronted a chilling assessment from the Department of Homeland Security on Americas conservative ranks during the first session of the 111th Congress back in April of 2009. The very people, who today, are targets of civil unrest and racial hostilities.

Given the overlapping nature of Operation Garden Plot in both the CDC’s “National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan” and the history of Garden Plot itself in relation to racial unrest, a troubling picture begins to emerge once the pieces begin to be put together of a perfect storm on the horizon should the civil unrest continue to spiral out of control.

With virtually the entire world still under a coroanvirus pandemic lockdown order, tyrannical and authoritarian measures have become common place in the United States in the face of the COVID-19 inspired hysteria that has increasingly been pushed to the wayside by the Democratic Socialist left who are violently rioting and looting in mass as conservative Americans continue to abide and suffer under tyrannical lockdown orders preventing them from going to work or even attending church.

With revolutionary communists and Black Lives Matters activists terrorizing the American public with little care for the rule of law, anarchy has unfortunately hit the streets of America as a blind eye is turned by politicians sympathetic to the Marxist revolutionary cause. In many cases, these traitorous and seditious politicians and useful idiots alike sugar coat the truth with politically correct lies bordering on maniacal delusions of reality in an effort to justify the unjustifiable in spurring on the violence occuring in the streets.

Interestingly, the 1969 book by Yuan-Li Wu and H.C. Ling titled, “As Peking Sees Us: ”Peoples War“ in the United States & China’s American Policy” described the communist Chinese’s efforts to overthrow the United States government by means of revolution fostered by white anarchist, pro-Chinese and black militant groups. Citing a desire to see the United States driven out of Asia, the authors describe how the Chinese plan to offer assistance to these traitorous elements to include “moral and propaganda support” as well as “material and technical assistance” to the militant communist boots on the ground driving the insurgency forward.

The fact this exact scenario is occurring in the streets of America today in the face of a Chinese coronavirus inspired pandemic rings of Deja vu to such an extent as to suggest the Wuhan coronavirus and concurrent Marxist insurgency are themselves a part of the internationally backed coup d’état designed to oust President Trump and put the results of the 2016 presidential election in a permanent state of stasis.

The Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov warned through a series of lectures, interviews and writings of the ideological subversion of America from within comprising of four basic stages to include the demoralization and destabilization of the American populous, followed by a period of crisis resulting in either civil war or invasion. The final stage of normalization occurring as the assimilation of communist ideology across the land cements itself as a reality with the military occupation of the United States resulting in the loss of national identity and sovereignty. With the truth being a prism comprised of many sides, all sides ultimately being a reflection of reality and truth it's up to the American people themselves to retake their country from the red socialist enemy from within.