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Above Top Secret: The American Cultural Genocide

We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem,” noted the legendary United States Marine Corps Brigadier General “Chesty” Puller at The Battle of Chosin Reservoir where some 10,000 United States Marines, surrounded and facing certain annihilation, managed to send an estimated 25,000 communist Chinese forces to Valhalla in an epic battle for survival among the sub-zero temperatures in the frozen badlands of North Korea. This harrowing tale of survival in the face of extermination is particularly relevant to the domestic unrest currently threatening the nation as hordes of ideologically subverted insurgents set cities ablaze from coast to coast in a Marxist revolution in the United States with designs to usher in a new world order.

“Vehicle attacks rise as extremists target protesters,” explained Fox News host Tucker Carlson in laying out the perversion of reality and truth from a June 21, 2020 NPR headline concerning a woman who had been stopped on the street in her car and surrounded by multiple bad actors with evil intentions who later brandished a firearm sending the panicking woman in fear of her life according to his June 22, 2020 Fox News report titled, “Why mobs are tearing down America’s landmarks.”

“In other words,” explained Carlson, “In order to escape from being murdered NPR called this woman extremist.” This should strike you as a disturbing distortion of reality that highlights the increasingly frightening use of propaganda in the mainstream media to demoralize and deceive the American people.

“Think about that and begin to understand why so few citizens have tried to stop the mobs as they pillage our country. Antifa doesn’t own the statues in your city’s parks. It doesn’t own your cities, you do. You helped pay for it, but what would happen if you tried to defend public property? Or even if you tried to defend your own property? You know the answer, you would be swarmed by federal agents. You would be “Roger Stone’d” with the help and complicity of CNN and NPR and so many others. You would be the criminal, there’s no question, we’ve seen this happen before,” explained Carlson.

“To a remarkable degree,” the Fox News host continued, “Federal law enforcement is now driven by political imperatives. Certain kinds of so-called hate crimes top the list of priorities. They will draw the FBI faster than you can summon the local police to your house during a home evasion. Even when, as is so often the case, they turn out to be hoaxes. Meanwhile, actual hate crimes, brutal crimes in which Americans are gravely injured are ignored completely. They take place on our streets with shocking regularity. The media don’t cover them; they go unpublished entirely.”

Though Carlson uses the term “Americans” as a politically correct euphemism for describing the victims of these brutal crimes, a June 16, 2020 Fox News report from Ronn Blitzer titled, “Georgia Dem who backs Trump wants to make attacks on supporters a hate crime” goes on to narrow down the list of victims in these brutal attacks.

According to the report, “A pro-Trump Democrat in Georgia is pushing for new legislation that would make it a hate crime to attack the president’s supporters – or anybody for political reasons.” Remarkably, not only does the article narrow who the victims are in these brutal crimes but it goes on to re-enforce Carlson’s previous assertion that anyone attempting to defend public property from the politically motivated destruction of our historical monuments will swiftly draw the attention of federal authorities with a laundry list of federal hate crime charges to bring against you.

But who are these mysterious “Americans” and “Trump supporters” really? What seems to be so politically incorrect that both Carlson and Representative Jones insist on using euphemisms to describe victims of violent attacks? Pulling no punches, the Los Angeles Times recently got straight to the point in naming conservative white Americans as the targets of the increasingly violent social unrest.

“The Orange County enclave of yachting clubs and cliffside mansions is just one example of how demonstrations in response to Floyd’s death are spreading beyond urban centers to whiter, wealthier, more conservative suburbs,” writes Liam Dillon and Jaclyn Cosgrove in their June 6, 2020 Los Angeles Times article titled, “’I guess America is finally listening’: Why George Floyd protests have spread to affluent, white suburbs.

And all of this is occurring in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic that has seen the widespread persecution of Christians across the nation as church services are banned altogether in some cases according to a May 5, 2020 LA Times article titled, “Court upholds California ban on church services in coronavirus pandemic.”

Putting the pieces together, what it means to be an American is under direct attack as conservative, white, Christian Americans are increasingly becoming the victims of brutal hate crimes in the United States who can expect federal authorities to label them the criminal should they stand up for their country, heritage, culture, property and way of life.  An even more troubling aspect to these revelations is the fact the United States government itself has labeled these very same victims of brutal hates as domestic, right wing extremists. A fact which calls into question not only the quality of the intelligence apparatus drawing these conclusions but the true motive behind the brutal crimes perpetrated against conservative, white Americans.

Speaking before the 111th Congress in April of 2009, Representative Michelle Bachman went on to address a chilling assessment from the Department of Homeland Security on the future threats to America. “They call people who believe in sanctity of life, who believe in owning firearms, who believe in serving this nations military and coming back, who are very concerned with the policies that this nation is embarking on; spending too much money, taxing too much. It’s all listed right here, these are the domestic right-wing extremists,” explained Rep. Bachman.

This is information which would later go on to be echoed by retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin in an October 28, 2010 The Oak Initiative YouTube video titled, “Marxism in America.” Warning of a Marxist insurgency in the United States, Boykin, a former Delta Force operator and among the most highly respected military minds in the world today went on to list of the elements of Marxist insurgency to include the nationalization of major sectors of the economy, wealth redistribution, discrediting the opposition, censorship, gun control and the establishment of a constabulary force to control the population.

Flash forward to a decade later, and conservative, white, Christian Americans are increasingly the victims of brutal hate crimes as violence and mayhem become the norm in cities across America by Marxist revolutionary groups. To further bring the plight of America and the situations in the streets into focus, the widespread violent rioting occurring across the country in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic comes off the heels of an ongoing, internationally backed coup d’etat with designs to undermine the will of the American people and the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Interestingly, the 1969 book from Yuan-Li Wu and H.C. Ling titled, “As Peking See’s Us: ‘Peoples War’ in the United States and Communist China’s American Policy,” discusses the potential for insurgency in the United States and China’s role in supporting militant black extremists, white anarchists and pro-Chinese communist groups in their roles to overthrow the United States government.

With an internationally backed coup d’état unfolding in the United States as violent riots and protests across the nation threaten the culture, heritage and lives of conservative, white, Christian Americans a frightening picture begins to emerge of a war being waged against the American people with virtual silence from both conservative and democratic politicians alike who are complicit in the conspiracy of silence as the attempted overthrow of the United States government at the local, state and federal level unfolds before our very eyes.

With designs to force the presidents hand in invoking the Insurrection Act in order to bring about optics suitable for an international outcry over the persecution of the domestic terrorists’ international human rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, the playbook to treason is now available for everyone to read for themselves.

“And after crisis with a violent change of power structure and economy, you have so-called the period of normalization,” warned the prophetic KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov some forty years ago now about events eerily similar to what we are seeing taking place in the United States today. Warning of civil war or invasion, Bezmenov explained that, “Normalization is a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda. When the Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in 1968, comrade Brezhnev said now the situation in brotherly Czechoslovakia is normalized.” Food for thought to those looking down the road to where the domestic unrest in America could potentially be headed.

With a dire warning from the past, Bezmenov went on to remark that, “You are not living at the time of peace; you are in a state of war and you have precious little time to save yourself. You don’t have much time, especially if you are talking about young generation, there’s not much time left for convulsions and sexual masturbation to the beautiful disco music. Very soon it will go just overnight.” In a fact of the matter that precious few Americans appreciate and understand today, Bezmenov went on to make among his most haunting observations to the American people, “If we sink together, we will sink beautifully together. There is no other place on this planet to defect to.” A wise and frightening realization that echoes the legendary United States Marine Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller in noting that, “We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem.”