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Black Lives Matter: Marxism, Social Darwinism and Cultural Genocide

They want to kill us. They want us dead. Under the umbrella of scientific socialism, the convergence of the social sciences with Darwinian biological theory has resulted in the eugenicist justification of cultural genocide under the pretext of natural selection. With the communist Chinese linked Black Lives Matter movement calling for the abolition of police, prisons and the federal government's ability to deploy troops on the streets of America in times of racial strife and civil unrest, the underlying survival of the fittest concepts of the radical left wing Democrat agenda starts to come into focus as the Marxist trained Black Lives Matter movement sets the stage for social justice retribution under the guise of criminal justice reform.

There is a pervasive evil lurking just around the corner which is present, known and adopted by generations of Americans today which disguises itself in very much the same manner as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. More than just a political philosophy or system of governance, Marxism is a way of life. According to author John Spargo, the terms Marxism and socialism have practically been synonyms for each other for many years now with the term Marxist defining the supporters of “The Communist Manifesto” authors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ political, social and economic concepts and theories. The 1917 Russian Revolution, a keystone moment in communist history, was marked by the socialist Bolshevik uprising against the Christian Tsarist Romanov family where the Bolsheviks ended the 300-year reign of the Romanov dynasty by brutally murdering the family and disposing of their bodies in the Ural Mountains.

According to Britannica, “The Communist Party of the Soviet Union arose from the  Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party (RSDWP). The Bolsheviks, organized in 1903, were led by  Vladimir I. Lenin, and they argued for a tightly disciplined organization of professional revolutionaries who were governed by democratic centralism and were dedicated to achieving the dictatorship of the proletariat.” The foundational underpinnings of Marxism, class struggle, consisting of an exploitive social and cultural relationship between the oppressive bourgeoisie society and the proletariat working class creating a haves vs. the have not’s operational environment.

At its heart, the idea of class struggle in Marxism is a divisive principle that creates social and cultural unrest in societies which ultimately translates into a white vs. black, right vs. wrong, rich vs. poor mentality in route to an oppressor-oppressed world view that leads to revolutions, civil wars and unimaginable carnage and suffering. By conservative estimates alone, communism is responsible for 100-million deaths worldwide and today Marxism is knocking at America’s door.

According to a July 8, 2020 FoxNews.com article titled, “Black Lives Matter Philadelphia organizer proposes 5-year plan to abolish police,” author Holly McKay writes that, “The Philadelphia arm of the Black Lives Matter movement has called for the ‘complete abolition’ of the police department in five years as well as the scrapping of military bases abroad.” According to the report, “BLM Philadelphia also wants to see changes on a federal level. Ngdo said that the president has the authority to call in the National Guard irrespective of whether the governors or mayors approve it, a power they view as perpetrating ‘danger and harm.’”

Interestingly, according to the “Black Lives Matter Library Guide” at Cornell University, a number of criminal justice reform literary guides are recommended for student consumption including books advocating for “trans/queer liberation and prison abolition” as well as literature describing the obsolete nature of America's prison system today.

Indeed, according to a February 22, 2019 TeenVogue.com article titled, “Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Talks Prison Abolition, Therapy as Reparations, and Teaming Up With Angela Davis and Yara Shahidi,” the BLM movement is not only calling for the abolition of police and bringing an end to the federal government’s ability to deploy the National Guard in situations of violent social unrest, but according to BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors they want to abolish America’s prison system as well. “We’re not going to just be able to get rid of prisons in one day, overnight,” said Cullors. “This is going to be a process.”

To add context to the Black Lives Matter call to abolish the mechanisms in which American society today operates in order to institute the rule of law in ensuring a fair, safe and just environment for its citizenry according to an August 28, 2020 NYTimes.com article titled, “Black Lives Matter Grows as Movement While Facing New Challenges,” author John Eligon writes that, “In the two weeks after Mr. Floyd was killed in May, more than 2,000 protests were held across all 50 states. The demonstrations were diverse, reaching both big cities and communities that were rural and overwhelmingly white. On June 6 alone there were at least 531 protests nationwide, according to Count Love, a database of protests since 2017.”

The New York Times report goes on to state that, “’While I don’t condone violence at all, I understand why people are resorting to violence,’ he added. ‘You are victimizing a person as a society, and then you want to tell them, ‘You know, I got my foot on your neck, but you’re just supposed to let me put my foot on your neck. That’s not right.’”

The divisive central theme of the Marxist idea of class struggle displaying prominently throughout the Black Lives Matter message of an imaginary societal bourgeoisie boot on the throats of the exploited proletariat working class as the skewed oppressor-oppressed Marxist world view of reality increasingly begins to come into focus in the minds of the useful idiots seeking social justice retribution and reform. Highlighting exactly how dangerous the thousands of riots and protests can be when the mind-set of those participating is that of an oppressed people owed reparations by society as a whole in route to revolution.

According to The University of Chicago Press Journals, author Gerald Runkle of Southern Illinois University writes that, “With the publication of Origin of the Species and A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy a century ago, it became natural to compare the evolutionary theories of their authors, Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. ‘Nothing ever gives me greater pleasure,” said Marx in the late 1860’s, ‘than to have my name linked onto Darwin’s. His wonderful work makes my own absolutely impregnable. Darwin may not know it, but he belongs to the Social Revolution.’”

The evidence for murderous ideologies such as Marxism and its closely related National Socialist (Nazi) philosophical cousin embracing Darwinian orthodoxy is actually quite well known and prevalent, so it shouldn't come to anyone as a surprise when Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter begin pushing for abolitionist policies and criminal justice reform which would absolutely lead to a survival of the fittest environment where natural selection begins to play itself out in real world terms. “First of all,” according to a csustan.edu report, “Bernstein upheld the theory of biological evolution during his orthodox Marxist phase, while Marx, Engels, Kautsky, Bebel, and others viewed Marxism and evolution as mutually compatible and even in some sense supporting each other.”

And with the divisive nature that class struggle plays in the basis of the Marxist world view, the seeds of justification are planted as the proletariat and bourgeoisie classes are pitted against one another in a evolutionary battle for supremacy as the forces of good vs. evil come together to settle the ultimate end game in life; survival and the very right to existence itself. A war almost entirely pushed by the left wing Democrats in America today who have not only embraced Marxism but have justified the fascist forcible suppression of their political opposition while themselves masquerading as anti-fascists. It’s a sickening reality and pervasive evil inherent to the disingenuous nature of Marxism itself where division is sowed under the guise of equality and social justice.

Now quickly gaining traction as an American hero, the former KGB propaganda expert Yuri Bezmenov warned decades ago of the ideological subversion of generations of American youth through the public education system into the Marxist-Leninist ideology of the enemy; the socialist worldview. Marx, who famously declared that his life’s mission was, “to dethrone God and destroy capitalism,” has seemingly come a long way since his death in 1883 with his writings coming to dominant society on a global scale as a menacing problem with few solutions.

Today, “The Communist Manifesto” is among the most widely read books at the university level in the United States with the theory of evolution dominating biological academic circles across the globe while flying in the face of it's creationist counterpart. Also known as Darwinism, according to Britannica the theory is an, “evolutionary mechanism propounded by Charles Darwin as an explanation of organic change. It denotes Darwin’s specific view that evolution is driven mainly by natural selection.” Also known as survival of the fittest, natural selection is exactly the type of anarchic state that Black Lives Matters is calling for in abolishing the police, prisons and the federal government’s ability to deploy National Guard to areas of civil unrest; all in the name of criminal justice reform.

And like the previously cited New York Times article from author John Eligon, according to a June 5, 2020 Los Angeles Times article titled, “Protesters skipped South L.A. and marched in white neighborhoods. Good for them,” the areas primarily targeted by Marxist Black Lives Matter activists are predominantly affluent, white, Christian neighborhoods. The violence perpetrated in these areas of civil unrest so severe that President Trump has went on record as stating that, “These are not acts of peaceful protest.  These are acts of domestic terror. The destruction of innocent life and the spilling of innocent blood is an offense to humanity and a crime against God.”

The problem so severe that it has even managed to catch the attention of Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones, who labeled the attacks on President Trumps supporters a hate crime and vowed to introduce legislation to make the violence against innocent Americans a top priority according to the July 16, 2020 FoxNews.com report titled, “Georgia Dem backs Trump wants to make attacks against Trump supporters a hate crime."

With the perilously close nature in which Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came to winning the Democratic nomination in the United States in 2016, the widespread of adoption of socialist principles by the American people has led to an ideological kinship by the left in the US today with their National Socialists counterparts in Nazi, Germany. The Darwinian philosophies of natural selection not only playing a direct role in the eugenicist programs of the Nazi establishment, but also coming to dominate the traditional left wing bastions of academia today where intelligent design has taken a back seat to the theory of evolution. The realization of Marx’s ambition to dethrone God and destroy capitalism inching close and closer to reality where under the umbrella of criminal justice reform the calls for the abolition of police, prisons, the second amendment and the federal government’s ability to deploy federal troops in areas of civil unrest translates into a survival of the fittest reality that can only be interpreted in the simplest of terms as they want to kill us. They want us dead.