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"This sh*t does get deep,” explains UFC Hall of Famer Diego Sanchez in a May 4, 2021 Hooks In With Anthony Smith YouTube video titled, “Diego Sanchez talks UFC release on SiriusXM's MMA Today – Full Interview.” According to Sanchez, “And believe me, I’ve f*cked up a lot of bets. I’ve f*cked up a lot of bets. There’s a lot of money. And everybody knows Dana’s got a betting problem. Oh, I saw they posted, oh he always wins on the Blackjack table; that the Palms had to kick him out because he wins so much. Well, I know you ain’t winning on everything and I know you’ve got a gambling problem. And this sh*t does get deep.”

Just how deep becomes the million-dollar question according to a December 2, 2022 UFC.com press release titled “UFC Statement Regarding James Krause," where we go on to discover that "following the fight involving Darrick Minner on November 5, 2022 (UFC Vegas 64), UFC was informed by sources that suspicious betting patterns had been observed on the fight. In the weeks following the fight, UFC has been cooperating with multiple ongoing government investigations into the facts and circumstances surrounding that contest."

For those who have followed our work closely here at the MMAPressRoom.com, you will no doubt be aware that we’ve covered this story since at least UFC 277; where, in what has been described as the shot heard around the world by some in the combat sports media, UFC commentator Joe Rogan went on to question the betting practices of Texas MMA Judge Seth Fuller.

The oddly misquoted report from Steven Marrocco of MMAFighting.com, Chael Sonnen and perhaps others in the media not only led us down the road of questioning the relationship between the UFC and DraftKings Sportsbook, but also questioning to what extent the promotion is wielding influence inside the cage as pressure is simultaneously exerted on the betting line by entities associated via proxy or otherwise with both the UFC and DraftKings Sportsbook itself.

“First off, those numbers are crazy. I don't even think Dana White can hit at 84% despite knowing every single in and out of the entire UFC,” writes Marty Mush in his September 30, 2022 BarstoolSports.com article titled, “Joe Rogan said he was hitting an 84% success rate betting the UFC while commentating.”

“I use to bet on UFC, even when I was commentating I would bet on it early on,” explained Rogan in the since deleted TikTok video.

“I’m like, this is probably not legal,” Rogan later went on to admit. “One of my business partners, he would come to a lot of the fights and I would give him - he would gamble. So, when I stopped gambling I would just say bet… and we were at like an 84% success rate.”

“This man needs to be praised by the entire world,” explains Mush as he attempts to put Rogan's betting proficiency into perspective. “UFC is not easy to handicap and he is going out there and hitting at an outrageous percent. 84% is a number you don't dream of in the gambling world. If you hit 52% people will look at you like a f*cking genius and if I hit at 45% I would be the happiest person ever.”

With Sanchez suggesting that he threw the proverbial wrench in the spokes of more than one bet during his tenure inside the Octagon; as information later goes on to surface surrounding UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s own betting habits, the very real possibility exists that the true extent of this point-shaving operation eclipses UFC Vegas 64 by quite a number of years in scope.

In fact, not only does the UFC have a prior history of suspicious line movements; but they are also reportedly crunching the numbers in real time according to an August 14, 2017 MMAJunkie.com article titled, “Report: Tae Hyun Bang indicted for alleged fight-fixing plan at 2015 UFC event.”

“The UFC seemed like they knew something was definitely not right,” explained Bang's UFC Fight Night 79 opponent Leo Kuntz. “They told me it was the largest odd swing they’d seen in MMA and last minute. They told me, ‘Hey, if either one of you guys goes out there and doesn’t fight, you should prepare to be investigated.'”

In what are circumstances all too reminiscent of those which would later go on to transpire at UFC Vegas 64, curiously, the promotion was actively monitoring the betting line prior to the bout at UFC Fight Night 79 while the fight at UFC Vegas 64 was allowed to commence practically unabated. The suspicious line movement at UFC Vegas 64 detected not by the promotion itself, as was the case back in 2015, but instead by the bookmakers who in turn filed individual complaints with the watchdog group U.S. Integrity according to reports.

As news of the UFC "cooperating with multiple ongoing government investigations" continues to cast a dark cloud over the mixed martial arts landscape, context is everything as the seemingly sole focus on Glory MMA coach James Krause and his network of fighters increasingly appears to be a compartmentalized version of the truth. In a story that may very well reach into the depths of the combat sports media itself, UFC right-hand man Ali Abdelaziz's recent admission that he owns the MMA media cannot be discounted as information continues to surface suggesting that there is much more to this story than what has initially been reported. With Krause retiring earlier this year on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, MMAFighting.com appears to be a constant in a story that has seen the shot heard around the world at UFC 277 misquoted; as the revelations from Diego Sanchez in light of Joe Rogan's own betting syndicate operation leave us questioning exactly how deep does this sh*t get?