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“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The increasingly hostile domestic and social environments aimed towards conservative Americans in the United States today amid an on going Marxist revolution in the streets of America is reminiscent of the same kind of persecution suffered by countless victims of the past at the hands of some of the most notorious authoritarian regimes history has ever known. Flying under the veil of deception, many of these totalitarian regimes today mask themselves under false and misleading identities in a brazen effort to conceal their true socialist ideological foundation, knowing full well that should the actual truth emerge, the people would rebel once the pieces of the puzzle were finally put together.

“UFC President Dana White has never been shy about speaking his mind on matters from actual fighting to political fighting,” writes Brandon Morse in his February 15, 2021 RedState.com article titled, “UFC President Dana White Defends Gina Carano, Bash’s UFC Reporter’s Ridiculous Hot Take In the Process.” According to the report, “In a recent interview, White was asked about recently fired actress Gina Carano of “The Mandalorian” and unlike the cowards at Disney, White took her side. Not only that, he slammed a ridiculous take from one of the UFC journalists on the matter. ‘Leave her alone,’ said White. ‘We make mistakes, we all make mistakes. For everybody to go in on her…I love how Ariel Helwani made it all about him, such a douche.’”

Continuing, RedState.com goes on to report, “Helwani, the person White is referring to, is ESPN’s top UFC reporter who attacked Carano in an Instagram post, saying that the post that got Carano fired offended him due to the fact that he himself is Jewish.”

“As a Jewish person, and as a human being, it just doesn’t sit well,” said Helwani. “And I wish she would have never posted that. And quite frankly I wish someone would have talked to her about her social media posts over the past year. Some of them not even political. Just in general, they felt off to me. I am sorry she has gone down this path,” said Helwani.

According to Morse, “The post in question from Carano was a warning that dehumanizing people for their beliefs made life for Jewish people in Nazi Germany hard before they were ever rounded up by the Nazis. It caused their own neighbors to verbally and physically abuse them. Carano compared that behavior to the way many on the left were dehumanizing conservatives and libertarians today and was effectively warning America not to go down that path.”

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors… even by children,” wrote Carano in the now infamous Instagram social media post. “Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?” asked Carano.

While Helwani, who works for the Disney owned ESPN, is busy towing the company line in attempting to advance his own career at both Carano and conservative Americas expense, it nevertheless helps to keep this story in its proper context and setting. Cambridge.org defines persecution as the, “unfair or cruel treatment over a long period of time because of race, religion or political beliefs.”

“Disney, one of the 'wokest' companies on the planet, continues to pander to insufferable, intolerant leftists who feel the inconsolable need to fire, muzzle, silence, ban, deplatform, dehumanize and ultimately, ‘cancel’ anyone who politically dissents with them,” writes Kyle Becker in his February 10, 2021 RedState.com article titled, “'Canceling' The Mandalorian's Gina Carano for Republican-Jewish Analogy Only Proves Her Point.”

With Carano bravely speaking up against conservative persecution in the United States today, the fact Disney has now fired Carano for highlighting the injustices occurring against conservative Americans is troubling but historically in line with the tyranny instituted by other authoritarian fascists throughout history. Not only does Disney’s actions effectively condone the unfair treatment of conservatives in the US today, who as a group have suffered widespread censorship on social media while incurring the loss of employment in many instances for not towing the Democratic Socialist line; but the attempting shaming of Carano as an insensitive bigot for daring to even discuss conservative persecution in the first place highlights exactly how far the left is willing to go to condone, excuse and ultimately strawman their way around responsibility for their dehumanizing treatment of conservative Americans in the modern socio-political sphere.

“Unfair attacks on Gina Carano are why I have told you for years to not call the left socialists,” writes conservative pundit Mike Cernovich in his February 11, 2021 Twitter social media post. “You’re fucking corny. It doesn’t work,” said Cernovich. “Call them what they are - fascists and Nazis.”

Authoritarian by nature, the underlying ideological bond that ties both the fascists and National Socialists (Nazis) together is socialism. According to John Spargo, the author of “The Influence of Karl Marx on Contemporary Socialism,” the terms socialism and Marxism “have been practically synonyms” for many years now. “The two defining moments of the last century were, arguably, the Holocaust and the Russian Revolution,” purports the Harriman Institute of Columbia.edu. ”The tragic role of Jews in the former is self-evident; their prominent – if also profoundly paradoxical – role in the latter is the subject of our path-breaking YIVO conference. The Russian Revolution liberated the largest Jewish community in the world. It also opened the floodgates for the greatest massacre of Jews before the Second World War amid the civil war and its aftermath in 1918-21. Once the Bolshevik rule was then consolidated, Jews entered into nearly every sphere of Russian life.”

According to the synopsis, “The second day of the conference opens with a keynote address from Professor Elissa Bemporad discussing in broad strokes the world that emerged from the 1917 Revolution. Panels that morning discuss Jewish life in the Soviet Union, including Jewish involvement in the secret police, residual underground Jewish orthodoxy during the Soviet Union, and Jewish culture in the Soviet Union through talks on Literature, Music, and Visual Arts. A panel in the afternoon discusses the Revolution abroad through the lens of Jewish communism, Jews in espionage, Yiddish literature, and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research’s own relationship to the Soviet Union.”

“Within just weeks of the October revolution,” according to an October 26, 2017 The Guardian article titled, “Why the Soviet attempt to stamp out religion failed,” author Giles Fraser writes, “the People’s Commissariat for Enlightenment was established to remove all references to religion from school curriculums. In the years that followed, churches and monasteries were destroyed or turned into public toilets. Their land and property was appropriated. Thousands of bishops, monks and clergy were systematically murdered by the security services. Specialist propaganda units were formed, like the League of the Godless. Christian intellectuals were rounded up and sent to camps.”

The 1917 Russian October revolution headed up by the Bolsheviks, a socialist group who would go on to become known as the Russian Communist Party, led to the wholesale persecution and slaughter of millions of Christians in the Soviet Union under the umbrella of radicalized socialism (communism). Life for conservatives in the USSR effectively turned upside down in what in many ways parallels exactly what is occurring in the United States today as conservative Americans are censored, fired and effectively eliminated from the public domain.

“Of all the many loaded issues tied to the bloody history of Jews in the former Soviet Union,” writes the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in their November 6, 2017 article by author Cnaan Lipshiz. “None is as sensitive today in that part of the world as their role in the 1917 revolution that brought the communists to power.”

According to the report, “the outsized prevalence of Jews in the ranks of the revolution that broke out a century ago on Nov. 7 has remained a mainstay of anti-Semitic vitriol in the area. During the Holocaust, it served as a pretext for the murder of countless Jews across Eastern Europe by self-proclaimed enemies of communism and Russia. And it’s still being used today to incite hatred against local Jews, including among devout Christians who were persecuted by the anti-religious Soviet authorities.”

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency goes on to write that, “living in religious societies that by and large feel victimized by communism or its effects, many Russian-speaking Jews and their leaders have either remained silent on communism or down played the Jews’ role in it.”

Broadly defined by both conservatives themselves and intellectuals alike, according to a January 27, 2012 article from The Atlantic titled, “What Americans Mean When They Say They’re Conservative,” author Conor Friedsdorf writes that conservative Americans hold “surprisingly diverse world views” to include but not limited to an aversion to change, loyalty to the United States Constitution and traditional morality and values as dictated and defined by the Christian Bible. Conservativism itself serving as a synonym for Christian Americans with traditional values. Who, today, find themselves under attack as elements within the Disney owned ESPN attempt to victim shame Carano into silence. Themselives alking a highly offensive tight rope to conservative Christian Americans as factions within the media attempt to silence and condone their unfair treatment at the hands of modern day Marxist factions.

With conservative Americans being persecuted in the United States today, the fact Disney fired Gina Carano for speaking out against the censorship and unjust treatment of Christian conservatives in the US harkens back to the days of the old Soviet Union when the socialist Bolsheviks rounded up the Christian intelligentsias and either killed them in wholesale slaughter or sent them to the Gulags, never to be seen or heard from again. So when Carano’s quandary is viewed through the lens of historical tragedy, the fact ESPN’s Ariel Helwani is attempting to advance his own career at the expense of both Christian conservatives and Gina Carano herself by personalizing the persecution of conservatives is the kind of ridiculous rhetoric that can only be reserved for the Democratic Socialist party and their perversion of history.

Carano’s likening of the treatment of modern-day Christian conservatives to the plight of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis striking a little bit too close to home for the authoritarian wing of the Democratic Socialist party as their increasingly radicalized attitude towards otherwise ordinary Americans parallels the historical injustices perpetrated by some of the most notorious socialist regimes history has ever known. The persecution of millions of Christians in the wake of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution by Marxist revolutionaries carrying eerily similar connotations to the oppression of today’s Christian conservatives in modern day America in a most distasteful yet strikingly familiar manner. The proverbial executioners attempting to wipe away their Crocodile tears as they hide their evil intentions behind a veil of political correctness, victim shaming and revisionist history.

With modern day communists still extending their persecutory hand to some of the very same victim groups of yesterdays past as an ongoing Marxist revolution rages on in the streets of America, it is just like old times again for these ideological marauders as they continue to marginalize, shame and victimize conservative Americans into silence. Their voices scheduled to be drowned out beneath the veil of deception known collectively as socialism today; executioners dancing on the graves of the fallen under the umbrella of social justice and equality. Proving that indeed, sometimes they come back and with evil intentions at that. As the inmates collectively continue run the asylum, histories victors are afforded the luxury of writing the script as they see fit as it is essentially guaranteed that “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”