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“Sure the fight was fixed,” admits the former heavyweight champion George Foreman as he sets up the punch line to what would otherwise be a didactic question. “I fixed it with my right hand,” explained George while making light of a difficult situation. And that is exactly what social media star turned professional boxing sensation Jake Paul is alleging – that judge Glenn Feldman is Eddie Hearn’s right hand man according to a September 21, 2022 BoxingScene.com article titled, “Jake Paul Alleges Judge Glenn Feldman ‘Clearly… Getting Paid Money by Matchroom Boxing.’

"The outspoken content creator, boxing manager and aspiring cruiserweight,” writes author Jake Donovan, “has made damning allegations against Feldman, a Connecticut-based ring official whose recent scorecards Paul has called to task.”

According to the report, “Feldman had the widest scorecard among the three judges assigned to the Katie Taylor-Amanda Serrano super fight in April and was the lone official who had Anthony Joshua outpointing Oleksandr Usyk in their unified heavyweight title fight rematch this August in Saudi Arabia.”

Citing a previous interview from IFL TV’s Umar Ahmed, “Everyone pretty much had it a draw,” explained Paul in laying out his case for corruption in professional boxing. “A draw or that Amanda won. But there’s this judge, Glenn Feldman, who scored it (with) such a big gap for Taylor, gave rounds that Amanda clearly won, to Taylor.

"Then this judge, Glenn Feldman,” explains Paul, “shows up in Saudi and scores Anthony Joshua to win. Everyone who watched the fight (knows) it’s not a split decision. Usyk had a runaway victory, clearly won the fight.

“This judge, Glenn Feldman, gives it to Anthony Joshua? It’s like a repeated crime here,” an incredulous Paul continues. “This type of shit, I’m going to call it out here in boxing because its bullshit. Clearly this guy is getting paid money by Matchroom Boxing.”

“I hate all of that,” Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn explains in a September 23, 2022 Boxing Social article titled, “Eddie Hearn Furious at Jake Paul: ‘Can Either Chin Him or Sue Him.’” According to the report, “At the end of the day, sometimes you’ve got to teach these people. You’ve got two options really,” warns Hearn. “You can chin him or you can sue him.”

With images of “Rocky V” being conjured up as threats of lawsuits and invitations to meet The Sandman are extended, it turns out Eddie Hearn wasn’t playing around. “Jake Paul is being sued,” proclaims TMZ.com in their September 23, 2022 article titled, “Eddie Hearn Suing Jake Paul For $100+ Million For Claiming Promoter Rigged Serrano Vs. Taylor.”

According to the report, “In a newly filed lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Hearn and his company, Matchroom Boxing claim their reputation was damaged after 25-year-old Paul ‘made outrageously false and baseless allegations’ during an interview on Sept. 20.”

With Matchroom having taken legal action against Paul with cut throat intentions, they may want to put a few more rounds in the chamber because as it turns out the YouTube star isn’t the only notable boxing personality to have taken issue with Judge Glenn Feldman’s scorecards as of late either.  

“I wished I had a prop here of this, but I’d like to start with handcuffs,” explains legendary boxing trainer Teddy Atlas in his August 23, 2022 THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas YouTube video titled, “Usyk Beats Anthony Joshua, Corrupt Judging | Edwards Head Kick KO of Usman, Full UFC 278 Discussion.”

“Because, really, I want to start with handcuffs,” Atlas continues. “No, you guys out there I’m not getting kinky, craziness, with that crazy (stuff). No, it’s nothing like that. I just want accountability and what I think is proper in my sport that I love – boxing. And I think handcuffs are what this week calls for, for Glenn Feldman the judge in the Joshua-Usyk fight.

“That’s what we need; we need handcuffs to start because we got to get rid of judges like this. And that’s the problem in our sport, there’s no oversight, there’s no repercussions,” explains Atlas. “I mean, this guy will be working again next week. I mean, it’s absurd.”

“I think at the end of the day, you have to be, really the fans too,” says Atlas. “You guys have a responsibility too. And I give credit to our great fans across the pond that you’re up in arms about this. You got to be up in arms… yeah! Really!

“Yeah, the fans out there, when you don’t say nothing - you’re almost part of the problem instead of part of the solution."

“Like I said a few months ago and we got a lot of attention for it. You know, where it was an anatomy for a fix instead of an anatomy for a murder. And Rob put it up the way I wanted him to put it up; it got a lot of views,” explains Atlas. “A lot of attention.”

“I think this was an anatomy for a fix part two,” says Atlas. “Where you do what you got to do if you want to fix a fight. You get your guy way ahead, he got him way ahead. And he had to do some bad, dishonest judging to get him way ahead.”

“Joshua had that big ninth round that everybody’s been waiting for from him in these fights,” explains Atlas. “And you know, showed what he had to show to try to pull it out of the fight because he was way behind unless you go on the corrupt judge’s card. He was way behind on my card. I had it the final score 9-3,” admits Atlas. “I could see someone saying 8-4, but I had it 9-3. Nothing short of 8-4.”

“Like Cus D’amato use to say,” Atlas later goes on to explain. “It’s either incompetence or corruption. And I don’t think anyone can be that incompetent. I really don’t. Cus use to say that too. So then you have to go with corruption,” deduces Atlas. “And it happens too often, it’s just something that we can’t just say, ‘Its boxing’ and shrug our shoulders.

“We have to try to (do) anything (we can), you know? And me talking about the corruption in the sport, it lost me a job at ESPN,” reveals Atlas.

“Alright, I’m not telling people to lose their job and do what I did. But you got to do something. You got to do within your comfort level, but you got to do something if you care about such things,” explains Atlas. “Otherwise, you can’t complain when it goes the other way against your guy.”

Highlighting exactly how much controversy this story has actually received, incredibly, footage exists of Judge Glenn Feldman being confronted over his controversial scorecard after the Joshua/Usyk fight. “How did you score the fight for Anthony Joshua?” a man can be heard asking Feldman off-camera in an August 21, 2022 iD Boxing YouTube video titled, “Judge Glenn Feldman Confronted Over Usyk-Joshua 2 Scorecard.”

“Just the way that I did,” Feldman replies.

When pressed further to justify his scoring, Feldman goes on to explain, “I can’t, you’d have to talk to my supervisor,” as he gestures to the man standing beside him.

“Of course,” the supervisor responds in taking the lead in the situation. “I saw it as a very close fight. You understand that boxing is scored round by round, not by the fight as a whole?

“And each, those rounds were razor close,” the unidentified supervisor explains. “And it depends on your perspective, how you evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the punch. So, I think that a close fight is not always ... I mean the key thing is that they scored it as they saw it. And, you know, that’s why we have three judges.”

In what could be described as a shameless attempt to justify the unjustifiable, the crux of the supervisor’s argument is that the subjectivity of the individual judges’ perspective serves as plausible deniability in explaining away what would otherwise be unexplainable in combat sports. So as we ponder the accusations made by Jake Paul and the legal action being taken by Matchroom Boxing, one can’t help but to ruminate over George Foreman and his sly admission that, “Sure, the fight was fixed. I fixed it with my right hand,” as we contemplate the modern day problems plaguing boxing.