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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of China is responsible for the release of the COVID-19 coronavirus which resulted in a near global lockdown where individual freedoms and liberties were stripped from innocent, God-fearing Americans through no fault of their own. In essence, the radical socialist ideology of the CCP spread to nearly every corner of the globe in bringing to fruition the global one world government the communists have long since sought to establish. With millions of Americans forced out of work as a result of the tyrannical lockdown measures instituted by anti-American politicians at the local and state level, unthinkable tyranny and financial hardship was inevitably forced upon the American people. And with one of the main characteristics of nation states adopting socialist ideology being the nationalization of major sectors of the economy, the governments solution to forcing millions of Americans out of work came in the form of bailouts, or government subsidized loans, in order to cushion the impact of the fall initiated by Uncle Sam himself after he pulled the rug out from underneath the American people.

With the data used to justify the tyrannical, scientific socialist edicts increasingly looking more questionable by the day, it’s little surprise Americans are beginning to question the lockdown measures which have forced millions into abstract poverty. Leading the charge in the mixed martial arts community for freedom and truth are a few, but brave souls, who have dared to speak up as a dissenting voice against the majority who have long since been indoctrinated into the socialist worldview. Legends of the sport such as Pat Miletich, Renzo Gracie, Tito Ortiz etc. have stood up as men amongst men against tyranny but are now finding themselves under attack by the Marxist elements of the mixed martial arts media for being forced to accept government subsidized loans in the wake of the unconstitutional lockdown orders.

With millions of Americans literally forced out of work by unscientific socialist edicts and directives, their only resort is to rely on that very same government for the financial support that was so callously stripped away from them. Yet, speaking up against the very same ideology which destroyed their right to earn a living and potentially threatens their way of life has resulted in being attacked by the Marxist elements within their own community whom actively campaigned to have the sport shut down to begin with. With the MMA media having championed the shutdown of the sport, the fact these very same elements in the mixed martial arts media are now attacking legends of the sport who were brave enough to speak out against the ideology responsible for taking their livelihoods away is a special kind of hypocrisy that is hard to overlook and ignore.

Having already put the knife in the back of the sport of mixed martial arts, betraying both the fighters and the fans along the way, the media then began writing clickbait hit pieces about those who suffered financial hardships as a result of the very same shutdown the media championed and lobbied for to begin with. So, while the MMA media ensured others couldn’t earn a living in the sport of mixed martial arts, they continued to rake the money in themselves by actively attempting to discredit those victimized by the shutdown with a voice for reason.

The Marxist elements of the mixed martial arts media voting to both strip these individuals of their ability to work. earn a living and provide for their families as well as their will to stand up and speak out against the scientific socialist tyranny facing the nation today. The only apparent options allotted to these mixed martial arts legends by the communist posers in the media being to sit down, shut up and accept the socialist worldview thrust upon them or else. As the MMA media rallies to defend Marxism, they ironically serve as perhaps one of the best examples of why it’s such a poisonous ideology to begin with. The medias polarization of men who have literally bled for this sport and earned the right to make a living in mixed martial arts living up to the very definition of evil, as those who have earned nothing in MMA continue to profit at the expense of champions and legends.