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Invasion USA - World War III & the Coming Global Tyranny

“Sometimes they come back.” The United States is in midst of an internationally backed Marxist insurgency, the aim of which is to overthrow the United States government and American way of life. Not the first red scare to occur in the land of the free and home of the brave; treasonous elements within the United States government have aligned with foreign entities to oust the Trump administration and overturn the will of the American people. With the release of the Chinese virus on the global stage, the New World Order’s push for a “new normal” in the United States following the institution of tyrannical lockdown measures across the country are no doubt just a prelude of things to come as unspeakable tyranny and oppression awaits humanity on a global scale.

Long confined to the straight jacket throes of conspiracy theory, FEMA relocation camps have moved from the shelves of fiction to the first row of conspiracy fact as such FEMA prison isolation camps continue to be reported on by various credible news agencies both throughout the United States and abroad. Interestingly, according to an October 7, 2020 Randy Hillier YouTube video titled, “Questions: What’s going on???,” the member from Lenark Frontenac Kingston revealed the supplemental frameworks and preparations for Canadian relocation camps in a videotaped session captured in Ontario Parliament.

“Thank you, Speaker. My question is for the Premiere,” said Hillier. “In my supplemental question yesterday, I asked this government if the people of Ontario should prepare for internment camps?” asked Hillier. “In September, the federal government posted a call for expressions of interests for contractors to supply, provide and manage quarantine isolation camps throughout every province and territory in Canada,” explained Hillier.

“These quarantine isolation camps, however, are not limited to people with COVID, but provide for a wide latitude for many people to be detained. Surely, this government is aware of the intentions to build these isolation camps from coast to coast and my question to the Premiere is, “How many of thee camps will be built and how many people does this government expect to detain?”

As if this information wasn’t troubling enough for the Canadian people, the Candian government recently passed sweeping gun control legislation in the wake of the global coronavirus lockdown measures, placing severe legal restrictions on the Canadian people as their government moves to institute tyrannical internment camp policies against its own citizens. A sinister agenda with genocidal implications resting just under the surface of the official government explanations, which are almost always short of the mark on purpose. And true to form, politicians of all nationalities and walks of life have dressed their authoritarian intentions up with colorful, academic language designed to conceal their true intentions.

One has to admit, no matter how many times you listen to it, the words coming out of then Delaware Senator Joe Biden’s mouth during an infamous 1993 speech on the Senate floor are simply stunning. “Unless we do something about that cadre of young people,” said Biden, “Tens of thousands of them, born out of wedlock without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing because they literally, and I give myself three more minutes, because they literally have not been “socialized.” They literally have not had an opportunity, we should focus on them now,” Biden with persecutory intentions.

“If we don’t," said Biden, "They will or a portion of them will become the predators 15-years from now. And madam president, we have predators on our streets that society has in fact, in part because of its neglect, created. Again, it does not mean because we created them, that we somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family or yours from them,” said Biden. “They are beyond the pale many of those people, beyond the pale. And it’s a sad commentary on society. We have no choice but to take them out of society."

Later, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee went on to say, “I don’t care why someone is a malefactor in society. I don’t care why someone is anti-social. I don’t care why they’ve become a sociopath. We have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society, try to help them, try to change the behavior,” said Biden.

Although it may sound like Biden is talking about rehabilitation, according to a March 7, 2019 CNN article from author Andrew Kaczynski titled, “Biden in 1993 speech pushing crime bill warned of ‘predators on our streets’ who were ‘beyond the pale,’” the former Vice President of the United States was quoted as stating that, “'I’m the guy who said rehabilitation, when it occurs, we don’t understand it and notice it and when it occurs, we don’t know why,' he said. 'So, you cannot make rehabilitation a condition for release.'”

Interestingly, according to a January 14, 2015 Fox News article titled, “Glenn Beck: Chilling Warning From Only FBI Agent to Infiltrate the Weathermen,” Larry Grathwohl, a former undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the infamous Weathermen terrorist organization, warned of the radical left wings treasonous, genocidal plans to overthrow the United States government and bring about hell on Earth to the American people. “I brought up the subject of what is going to happen after we take over the government,” explained Grathwohl. “You know, we become responsible then for administrating 250 million people. And there was no answer. And no one had given any thought to economics, how are you going to clothe and feed these people? The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States,” warned Grathwohl.

“They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they call the counter-revolution,” Grathwohl explained. “And they felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest, where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be,” said Grathwohl.

According to the former Weather Underground member, “I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate, that are die-hard capitalists? And the reply was they would have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25-million people in these re-education centers. And when I say eliminate, I mean kill 25-million people.”

“I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well-known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25-million people. And they were dead serious,” said Grathwohl.

While this information may have simply been lost to the passages of time, it has since found itself regularly at the center of attention following the 2008 U.S. presidential election where speculation ran rampant concerning President Barack Obama’s relationship with the former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.

And with the results of the 2020 presidential election currently in limbo as the former vice-president of the Obama administration, Joe Biden, bides for the nation’s highest elected office; the fears centering around the Obama administrations radical left-wing agenda have once again been reignited; proving that sometimes they do indeed come back as the old adage from the Stephen King novel suggests.

And if you were thinking that we had traveled far enough up shit creek already and it was now time to turn back, think again. “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?” asked Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her November 6, 2020 Twitter social media post. “I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future,” prophesized Ocasio-Cortez.

Later, the Representative from New York would go on to elaborate further on her previous social media thoughts stating, “Lol at the ‘party of personal responsibility’ being upset at the idea of being responsible for their behavior over (the) last four years.”

Ignoring the fact that the constituents of the very same Democratic Socialist party Ocasio-Cortez represents now have long since been targeting conservatives both in the work place and in the streets with the same kind of violence and persecution most only read about today in history books; the support for archiving “Trump sycophants” from the party who shares a troubling socialist ideological kinship with the notorious National Socialist German Workers Party, otherwise known as the Nazis today, and Ocasio-Cortez's words truly become food for thought. And the more one listens to the rhetoric coming from the left, the more disturbing it becomes when we see just how far they are willing to go in order to obtain political power in the United States.

In an absolutely stunning revelation from Lt. General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, according to the November 6, 2020 Fox News report titled, “Sidney Powell: Trump has to fight for election integrity,” long time news anchor Lou Dobbs sat down with Powell and Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton to discuss the voter inconsistencies seen across the country following the November 3 presidential election. When Dobbs revealed to his guests the breaking news that the Justice Department was now looking into the widespread allegations of voter fraud across the country, Lt. General Flynn's attorney went on to say, “I’m delighted to hear that," said Powell. "I think that there are any number of things that they need to investigate including the likelihood that 3% of the vote total was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the “Hammer” program and a software program called “Scorecard” that would have amounted to a massive a change in the vote that would have gone across the country and explains a lot of what we’re seeing," said Powell.

Referencing the previously mentioned programs following a moment where you could have heard a pin drop in the studio following Powells revelations, Dobbs went on to press Ms. Powell for more information. “I think they were very broadly used,” said Power. “But not by the vote counters. They were used by the forces and the Democratic operatives who have access to these programs through the government access points that they have and used it illegally to change votes in this country,” explained Powell.

“It’s got to be investigated, probably by the presidents most trusted military intelligence officials who can get into the system and see what was done,” Powell explained.

“But we do have some evidence that that is exactly what happened and they’ve used it against other entities in other countries and it’s just been turned recently against our own citizens here to change election results," explained Powell. "It’s absolutely appalling that that can be done and whether it’s called computer glitches or something else, somebody has actually gone into the system and changed voting results,” Powell explained as the fate of the free world literally hangs in the balance.

“Any Republican now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society,” wrote Jennifer Rubin, a “pro-democracy” opinion maker for the Washington Post in her November 6, 2020 Twitter social media post. “We have a list,” warned Rubin in echoing Representative Ocasio-Cortez's previous fascist sentiments.

Threats which are all too reminiscent of the kind of attacks against Trump supporters which has prompted Georgia Representative Vernon Jones to vow to introduce hate crimes legislation in the house to make it a crime to attack President Trumps supporters over their political beliefs. According to a June 16, 2020 Fox News article titled, “Georgia Dem who backs Trump wants to make attacks on supporters a hate crime,” author Ron Blitzer writes, “A Pro-Trump Democrat in Georgia is pushing for new legislation that would make it a hate crime to attack the president’s supporters – or anyone for political reasons.”

Blitzer would go on to write that, “Americans are being attacked nationwide because of their party affiliation and political ideology, Jones said in a statement when he first announced the amendment last week." According to the report, Representative Jones went on to say, “I have personally been subjected to hate speech and threats because of my support for President Trump’s re-election.”

With former undercover FBI agent Larry Grathwohl warning that the Weathermen planned to work closely with a united nations fighting force to occupy parts of the United States, it is worth noting the various reports surfacing throughout the years of Chinese, Russian and even North Korean troops operating just beyond the U.S. border in both Mexico and Canada. According to a July 20, 2020 CTV News article titled, “’It’s almost like a mystery novel:’ Investigators say Surrey murder victim worked for ‘Golden Touch’” author David Molko writes, ”Kathy Weisner will never forget the day: March 17, 2018. Weisner was weeding raspberries in her front yard when she heard yelling on the road. “I literally dropped my trowel and my pot,” said Weisner.

According to the report, “At the foot of her driveway, she says, were roughly 50 young men and women in military fatigues. They were wearing matching caps and combat boots, lined up two abreast, and appeared to be training. They weren’t carrying sidearms,” said Weisner. "But their ‘commander’ was yelling instructions in a language that wasn’t English,” Weisner remembers.

“My heart stopped,” said Weisner. “A week later,” according to the report, “Joe Clemente had a similar experience while driving home from work along typically tranquil North End Road. And he recorded the line of what he believes were Chinese cadets marching on the shoulder in a short video he provided to CTV News."

As the results of the 2020 presidential election currently hang in the balance of what is expected to be a lengthy legal battle, the fact the left has called for United Nations intervention in the United States in light of the undercover FBI agent Larry Grathwohl’s warnings of the radical left wings treasonous and genocidal agenda is cause for concern. And with reports of FEMA prison camps in the works throughout the United States, perhaps more Americans need to echo Canadian Randy Hillier’s questions to their government concerning the existence of these internment camps in the wake of a global Chinese virus pandemic and internationally backed Marxist insurgency occurring on the streets across America which proves that “sometimes they come back.”