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“I take up my brush,” writes Miyamoto Musashi in The Book of Five Rings, “to explain the true spirit of this Ichi school as it is mirrored in the Way of heaven and Kwannon.” Unfortunately, with great sadness and our sincerest condolences to the Theodorou family news broke late Sunday night that, “former UFC fighter Elias Theodorou died at the age of 34, with media reporting the Canadian had been battling stage 4 liver cancer,” according to a September 12, 2022 Reuters article titled, “Former UFC fighter Theodorou dies at 34 due to cancer.”

The winner of “The Ultimate Fighter: Nations” reality television series in 2014, Theodorou went on to compile an 8-3 record with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) before being released from the promotion following a loss to Derek Brunson in 2019. A pioneer and trailblazing advocate for medicinal cannabis use in combat sports, Theodorou made history in 2020 by becoming the first mixed martial artists to acquire a therapeutic use exemption (TUE), an accomplishment which landed him praise from none other than UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky himself.

A talented, seemingly healthy fighter who had a bright future ahead of him not so long ago, Theodorou last competed just 10-months ago at “Colorado Combat Club 10” in the United States, where he picked up a unanimous decision victory over Bellator veteran Bryan Baker.

 “Wow, that’s nuts,” one reader commented on a September 11, 2022 BJPenn.com article from Cole Shelton titled, “Former UFC Fighter Elias Theodorou dies at 34.” According to the anonymous poster, “This guy was super fit and handsome. But he died from cancer? I don’t believe it.”

With the mixed martial arts media collectively reporting on Elias’s death as the result of liver cancer nearly across the board while doubt circulates throughout the MMA community, we here at the MMA Press Room decided to take a closer look at the situation in identifying our own thoughts on the matter.

For those who follow our work closely here at the forum, you will recall our October 16, 2021 article titled, “The Joe Rogan Experience: Ivermectin, CNN and the Fred Hutchinson Organization,” where we explored the link between CNN, the Gates Foundation and an organization known as the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

In our exclusive report, we arrived at some interesting conclusions surrounding the treasonous nature of these outfits while going down the rabbit hole in referencing numerous vaccine related deaths centering around the Gates Foundation's activities in Africa and India.

Not surprisingly, the information all but fell on deaf ears but just this past August Dr. Anthony Fauci, perhaps the most well known face of the COVID-19 pandemic outside of Microsoft's Bill Gates, became just the second person in history behind former president Jimmy Carter to receive the honorary Hutch Award. Generally reserved for Major League Baseball players who exemplify a “determined spirit,” Fred Hutchinson was a professional baseball player who reportedly succumbed to cancer in 1964 at the age of 45.  

With 85% of the adult US population estimated to have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine as of December, 2021 according to the United States Census Bureau, this information becomes a curious point of reference for the future in identifying the exact relationship between the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m vaccinated,” Theodorou explained in a January 13, 2022 Twitter social media post directed at UFC broadcaster and podcast sensation Joe Rogan. “Did my research and took the J and J (with no mRNA) the traditional way… I’m also Covid recovered and have two antibody tests to prove my immunity > said vaccine. It’s science,” wrote Elias.

The FDA would later go on to issue strict guidelines on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine just a few short months later according to a May 6, 2022 CNN.com article titled, “FDA puts strict limits on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.”

According to the report, “The FDA said in a statement that the change is being made because of the risk of a rare and dangerous clotting condition called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) after receiving the vaccine.”

It is estimated that approximately 7-million Americans received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine according to an article published by the NY Times. Additionally, digging deeper into the subject according to Reuters, Canada gave approval for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in late November of 2021, “making it the first full approval for the vaccine globally.”

Which is a piece of information that should be turning more than a few heads considering what we would later go on to find out about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and its potentially severe health complications. Seven million Americans in the United States, but globally we're talking about a much higher number.

“'I’m vaccinated, but believe in free choice & self governance of autonomy,' explained Elias in yet another Twitter social media post. 'My biggest fear,' writes Elias:

1) The most vulnerable will be hit the hardest.

2) Today, it’s Covid, tomorrow it’s whatever our government wants it to be… they tend not to give back emergency powers.”

The kind of humanitarian and altruistic attitude which we should all strive for while preserving our individual liberties and freedom; Theodorou was a renaissance man of sorts who felt just as comfortable in the arena of politics as he did standing across the Octagon from other trained killers.

“This vaccinated person encourages him to do the right thing,” Theodorou told the National Post in response to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his thoughts on the unvaccinated needing to succumb to his genocidal demands. “Resign,” suggested Theodorou.

Interestingly, according to a July 13, 2021 National Center for Biotechnology Information study titled, “Drug-Induced Liver Injury After COVID-19 Vaccine,” we discover that the researchers concluded, “In summary, we presented a case of liver injury after the (Pfizer) COVID-19 vaccine. We attributed the cause of liver injury to the COVID-19 vaccine, given no other cause in our patient after extensive work-up.”

So not only has the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine proven to be dangerous, but there are major concerns with the Pfizer vaccine as well. In fact, there is a long list of side effects associated with the Covid-19 vaccine, including a mounting number of casualties.

“This diffuses through the body,” explains former Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein while analyzing a graph from a Japanese organ bio-distribution study of the COVID-19 vaccine in a 2021 Brighteon.com round table discussion video titled, “Spike Protein & Immune Escape - Dr Robert Malone (Inventor mRNA Vaccines), PhD Bret Weinstein.”

“Which actually is not what you would hope,” explains Weinstein.

According to the professor, “You would hope that it would stay in the arm. So, it’s basically diffusing through the body. So concentrations are dropping as it gets more and more evenly distributed.”

“And then concentrations are rising conspicuously in two places as we close in on 48-hours,” explains Weinstein in analyzing the data from the graph. “One of them is the ovaries where it goes sky high," noted Weinstein. "That’s really frightening.”

“Anybody that has looked at this data says, 'whaat?'” interjects Dr. Malone.

 “At some level, it’s not safe for women at all,” Weinstein later goes on to explain in defiance of the Center of Disease Control’s (CDC) official position that the vaccine is safe for pregnant women.

“And then the other place that we have a signal,” explains Weinstein, “which I think suggests something we need to worry about further down the road. Robert, you tell me if I’m on the right track here or not, but the fact that it ends up concentrating in bone marrow.

“That suggest that you could end up with, and I’m not saying that this is going to happen,” admits Weinstein. "But I’m saying we need to look for something like leukemia’s showing up here because of their creation in bone marrow.

“I know from other work that they also seem to show up preferentially in lymph nodes,” Weinstein explains. “Which raises the question of whether or not lymphomas might be created? At any case, these are possible long term effects that we have no way of knowing don’t arise because these things have not been injected into people for more than a year.”

“So we have two adverse events,” Dr. Malone goes on to explain as the conversation continues. “Signals that are starting to become apparent, my friends at the FDA tell me, that are relevant to what you’re saying.

“You’re focusing on the bone marrow. So, typically aplastic anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, those kinds of things might. If there are, it’s going to be a signal,” explains Malone. “We might see it 6-months, 3-years, 9-years, okay? It’s hard to tell, because this is a progression of cancer that often requires multiple mutations. It’s a risk that should be monitored.”

With this particular data set having been censored by Twitter, the link to the round table discussion prohibited from being shared with the general public in the spirit of the censorship inherent to the Covid-19 pandemic itself, it’s crucial for the reader to do their part in passing along all calls from posts more distant from the guardhouse than your own in order to help your fellow man understand exactly what is occurring with these Covid-19 vaccines.

“The UFC will not require any of the fighters on the roster to get vaccinated for COVID-19,” writes author Damon Martin in his October 19, 2021 MMAFIghting.com article titled, “UFC alerts international fighters about new vaccination requirements to travel into the U.S. starting Nov. 8.”

“However,” according to the report, “international athletes will face a new obstacle starting on Nov. 8.

“In a memo sent out this week to fighters, coaches, and managers,” writes Martin, “UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell issued a warning that due to policy changes from the government, all travelers coming into the United States starting on Nov. 8 must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with proof of vaccination.

“The White House issued the orders this past Friday, which require all travelers to provide proof of full vaccination in order to enter the U.S." In what amounts to little more than legal doublespeak, not required but required comes to mind in reading between the lines considering the international direction the promotion has undertaken in recent years.

During the initial stages of the pandemic, the MMA media walked collectively in lockstep with each other in not only supporting the lockdown measures, but seeing to it that the fans didn’t even have a UFC event to entertain themselves with in the thick of the madness. Nearly universally, the leftwing activists in the mixed martial arts media cited their Monty Python science and momma bear concern for the fighter’s safety as justification in shuttering the entire sport down.

The only MMA media outlet to actively take a stand against the tyranny then, we here at the MMA Press Room spoke out against both the lockdown measures and the media stabbing the sport of mixed martial arts in the back while everyone else was all too willing to trade individual freedom for a temporary sense of safety.

As the lone voice of reason in a sea of scientific illiteracy, “we” would have no doubt been blacklisted from the sport for life should the majority of the media have proven correct in their apocalyptical assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But that’s not what occurred, is it? In fact, the MMA media has attempted to brush this entire episode of history under the rug while ignoring the fact that athletes from all over the globe are dropping dead like flies from cardiac arrest, suspected to be linked to the Covid-19 vaccine. The same "science" the media stood behind then, crumbling right before our very eyes now; those who trumpeted medical tyranny in defense of fighter safety conspicuously quiet as the truth continues to come to light. Which is why, “I take up my brush to explain the true spirit of this Ichi school as it is mirrored in the Way of heaven and Kwannon.”