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Francis Ngannou is the new UFC heavyweight champion of the world after successfully defeating Stipe Miocic by second round knockout Saturday night. Perhaps the greatest champion in UFC heavyweight history, Miocic was tested early in the first round by a clean right hand from Ngannou that got the former UFC heavyweight champions attention. Following an attempted takedown by Miocic which was not only successfully defended by Ngannou, but ultimately turned into a takedown of Ngannou's own with an added dash of Cameroon seasoning, Miocic emerged noticeably hurt as his offensive output began to ground to a near halt. A clear 10-9 round for Ngannou, Miocic appeared clearly outsized by his 263-pound opponent who almost assuredly cut water weight in order to make the UFC 265-pound championship limit.

Dropped by a power jab early in round 2, Miocic was swarmed by Ngannou before succumbing to a short left hook and a follow up hammer fist shot which knocked the now former UFC heavyweight champion out cold. A defensive right hand from Miocic managed to catch Ngannou flush before the final knockout blows, but unfortunately it was too little, too late as Ngannou becomes the UFC’s first heavyweight champion from Africa.

Unbeknownst to most, the UFC actually employs two different sized Octagon's to compete in depending on event and location. This Saturday night at UFC 260, the promotion choose to use the smaller Octagon; which according to reports is a full 30% smaller than the larger Octagon. Pure speculation and a matter of opinion at best, the smaller Octagon is almost assuredly weaponized by the promotion in an attempt to influence the outcome of fights by limiting the footwork and mobility of athletes as the Octagon becomes much easier to cut off. A simple matter of physics from there, the 234-pound Miocic was outmuscled and outgunned as he was effectively forced to fight his larger opponent in a phone booth with perhaps one of his greatest weapons, the ability to maintain distance against Ngannou, was severely limited by the smaller playing field inside the cage.

On deck, former UFC light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones who has his eye on the UFC heavyweight throne. A potential matchup against Miocic for the title of greatest fighter of all-time indefinitely sidetracked and put on hold following Miocic's loss Saturday night; a victory over Ngannou to secure UFC heavyweight gold all but sealing the deal in the greatest fighter of all-time debate for Jones. A title many in the industry today already believe belongs to the Albuquerque, New Mexico native, all that remains is for Jones to sign on the dotted line before perhaps the only question left in his storied career is finally answered. With a lot left to prove in the UFC heavyweight dvision, Ngannou has made his UFC championship dreams come true by defeating perhaps the greatest champion of all-time in UFC heavyweight history en route to becoming the new baddest man on the planet.