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“When the stakes are high, settle for nothing less than the precision and adaptability of the Savage 110 Tactical.”

“Buy something like this. Something that’s kind of ready to roll,” explained Rex Tibor of RexDefense.com in his February 23, 2017 YouTube video titled, “Budget long range rifle that’s way too easy – Savage 10 FCP-SR with PA 4-14x44 HUD DMR.” While it’s all too easy for new firearm owners to fall into the financial pitfalls involved with purchasing a new rifle, with a little bit of research and guidance however solid purchasing decisions can be made without breaking the bank. Today, we are going to talk about one of the best bangs for your buck in the world of precision bolt-action rifles – The Savage 110 Tactical.

Considered the longest continuous production bolt action rifle in America, the Savage 110 is a genuine piece of Americana with a well-known reputation for accuracy despite not carrying the same kind of name brand recognition as some of the other popular American sporting rifles currently on the market today. A firearm that in many cases meets or exceeds the build quality of some of its better-known rivals, the Savage 110 Tactical is perhaps the best modern bolt action rifle in its class.  

“So, there’s a bit of new and old in this particular rifle,” writes author Evan Brune in his August 12, 2018 ShootingIllustrated.com article titled, “Field Review: Savage Arms Model 110 Tactical.” According to the report, “Instead of having the Savage Arms Model 10 FCP-SR, we now have the Model 110 Tactical. (It) definitely rolls off the tongue a little better and sounds much cooler from a marketing standpoint. What’s important to note is that this isn’t just the renaming and repackaging of an existing rifle for the purposes of making Savage rifle designations appear less like a warehouse-stocking code. Rather, Savage took many of the tried-and-true elements of its existing Model 10 and enhanced the platform with features that allow the gun to live up to its new name: Tactical.”

According to a BassPro.com description of the firearm, “The Savage 10 FCP-SR Bolt-Action Rifle is offered as part of Savage's series of law enforcement rifles; specifically designed to engage targets at long range, under high-stress tactical environments.” Interestingly, digging deeper into the subject of the Savage law enforcement series of firearms we find that, “The Savage 10FP is a bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by Savage Arms and based on the Savage Model 110 rifle. There are seven variants of this rifle, each designated with an "LE" code signifying that it is part of the Law Enforcement Series.”

Putting all of this into perspective, the latest incarnation of the original Savage 10/110 FP law enforcement series of rifles is the Savage 110 Tactical. Formerly known as the Savage 10 FCP-SR, the Savage 110 Tactical is a factory-built law enforcement sniper rifle that differs from its FCP-SR predecessor only in the fact that it now accepts the popular AICS-pattern detachable 10-round box magazines, whereas before the FCP-SR previously only operated with Savages own proprietary magazine feeding system.

But such as the case with many firearms in this class, the devil is in the details with this rifle and the addition of the AICS magazine capability isn't the only reason to look into the Savage 110 Tactical's direction. Among the first things many new shooters to the world of precision bolt actions rifles do after acquiring their new firearm is purchase a new aluminum bedded stock or chassis system and switch out the factory trigger for an adjustable one.

With the Savage 110 Tactical, both the need for an aluminum bedded stock and an adjustable trigger have been addressed straight from the factory with the companies aluminum bedded AccuStock, with the addition of the new AccuFit system which includes spacers and risers to adjust the stock to the individual shooters needs. And of course, the rifle comes stock with Savages famed adjustable AccuTrigger system which has received raved reviews from some of the most famous names in the industry today. With the firearms threaded, fluted, heavy bull barrel, 20 minutes-of-angle one piece scope base and the capability to produce sub-MOA groups straight out of the box - the Savage 110 Tactical may very well be the best entry level precision bolt-action rifle on the market today. With literally hundreds of different models for the consumer to choose from, making an informed decision is crucial to getting it right the first time. Which is why you should buy something like the Savage Model 110 Tactical, "something that's kind of ready to roll."