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A true ideological Trojan horse, the concept of racism is the realization of communism in the United States which threatens to undermine our very foundation from within. Metaphorically speaking, its introduction into the collective consciousness of the general public has equated to convincing the American people that their prison chains are the path to equality, freedom and social justice. The antithesis of individual personal liberty, radicalized socialism is the greatest failed social experiment in human history yet remains a powerful social force behind some of the most controversial topics of our time.

Masquerading under the feel-good banners of social justice and equality, according to “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism,” author Kevin D. Williams explains that, “The difference between communism and socialism is that under socialism the central planning ends with a gun in your face, whereas under communism the central planning begins with a gun in your face.”

Short but sweet and succinctly put, Williams breaks down the differences between socialism and communism to the bare essentials in the face of academics across the globe who regularly attempt to muddy the waters of ideological understanding in their zest to defend perhaps the most murderous ideology the world has ever known.

In a development synonymous with a 21st century communist revolution, the rise of the Democratic Socialist party in the United States and their shared socialist bond with their communist and National Socialist (Nazi) ideological cousins has by in large failed to give the American public cause for concern. Embracing a radicalized approach with the influence they wield over their constituency, “Democrat” leaders such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters (C) and Keith Ellison (C) have urged their followers to confront the political opposition in the streets and have even brazenly promoted left wing domestic terrorist literature right before our  very  eyes - true to their historical fascist roots.

The Bolshevik Revolution, widely considered a pinnacle landmark in communist doctrine and history, was comprised of revolutionaries known as the Bolsheviks, or members of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers Union Party, who were a “Marxist revolutionary party ancestral to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union” according to Britannica.com. “Founded in 1898 in Minsk,” according to the synopsis, “the Social-Democratic Party held that Russia could achieve socialism only after developing a bourgeois society with an urban proletariat.” The concept of racism in the United States today serving this purpose quite sufficiently in establishing a persecutor and persecuted class for politicians to play off of.

Interestingly, according to an August 4, 2016, YouTube video titled, “WWII Survivor Warns of Socialism and Gun Control,” Kitty Werthmann, an Austrian WWII survivor, shares her account of Hitlers takeover of Austria. Describing how the Nazis used “equality” much the same as the “Democrats” in the United States do today in order to reorganize society, Werthmann went on to detail many of the same Nazi platforms which eerily parallel those of the Democratic Socialist party in America today, to include but not limited to universal healthcare, universal basic income and gun control.

When viewed through the lens of the “Democrats” incessant attempts at undermining the second amendment in the United States and their increasingly totalitarian attitude towards freedom loving Americans, a troubling picture begins to emerge of an increasingly radicalized socialist left taking shape in the US which threatens to increase the murderous body count of communism to astronomical proportions.

In what I describe as real-life Jedi mind tricks, the communists have managed to enslave the thoughts of millions of useful idiots across time and memorial with their template for cultural and social control. According to Karl Marx, author of “The Communist Manifesto,” the foundational building blocks of Marxism are based around the idea of class struggle – or division.

The perception of the bourgeoisie, which roughly translates into the haves, or the oppressive capitalistic class of society who rule over the oppressed proletariat class according to Marx, dominates the modern cultural landscape in America today under the socialist ideological banners of social justice and equality. And unfortunately, this communistic template is one in the same with the idea of racism and all of its relative terms which have become the dominating social concept of our time. In what amounts to a national disgrace bordering on a coverup, many understand that the concept of racism is wildly out of control in society today, but few understand its ideological origins or the reasons for its cultural implementation on a political level.

This template of control serves the purpose of dividing the people along economic, ideological, racial, and religious lines. Almost always preying upon the plights of those perceived to be marginalized groups in society, the community organizers as they often like to refer to themselves as, or agitator propagandists, will preach the Marxist gospel of class struggle and division in these “marginalized” societies in order to demoralize and indoctrinate the unsuspecting populous into Marxian thought, with murderous ulterior motives lying just under the surface of their true intentions.

Under the banners of social justice, equality or some other feel-good language with deceptive underlying intent, these agitator propagandists will preach to the proletariat the incessant evils of the oppressive bourgeoisie class in whipping up a blood stained furor with promises of a better tomorrow if only the proletariat dethrones the bourgeoisie capitalistic class at the urging of their handlers. Think Orwell’s Animal Farm with murderous intent.

Communist mind control in essence, the Jedi mind tricks of the Democratic left in politically exploiting and transposing the Marxist template of social control onto the American populous has resulted in a dividing line that runs right through the heart of America today. The two-party system which dominates the modern political landscape in the United States hijacked right under Lady Liberty’s nose in creating a powder keg cultural environment prime for ignition. The genocidal frameworks laid in the United States in much the same fashion as the dekulakization campaign of the former Soviet Union in the early part of the 20th century.  The culmination of which has resulted in an anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American cultural pretext which permeates society today.

No doubt the direct result of the ideological subversion of the American people through the communist infiltration of the public education system, according to KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov multiple generations of Americans have been exposed to the Marxist-Leninist ideology of the enemy in sowing the seeds of the ideological conundrum today. The original Marxist template of the bourgeoisie vs. proletariat culturally and socially transposed onto the American people through the idea of racism in the form of an oppressed vs. oppressor, black vs. white, rich vs. poor worldview.

Once this persecutor vs. persecuted paradigm is cemented into the collective consciousness of those who have been ideologically subverted, it becomes increasingly easy for the target audience to justify violence against those who do not tow the communist party line. Upon discovery that a non-believer has failed to be moved by conventional Marxian thought and “wisdom,” by default, they’re determined to be part of the persecutor class, or a racist, and thus subject to subhuman conditions. In essence, they are the bourgeoisie as described by Marx once they’re reduced down to the lowest common denominator. A true ideological Trojan horse, the concept of racism is the realization of communism in the United States today which threatens to redefine what it means to be an American.