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If history doesn’t repeat itself, it at least certainly rhymes as the prevailing winds of evil have swept the United States up into a socialist hailstorm of tyranny and oppression as the radical left’s authoritarian, fascist agenda is threatening to stamp out any and all forms of political dissent. On Wednesday, January 12, 2020 news broke that UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich was terminated from his job with the Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) promotion following a video the Miletich Fighting Systems founder released on his Instagram social media account.

“How’s everybody doing today? Hopefully well,” said Miletich. “Hey, I just want to let you guys know that I just got a call from the folks at the LFA and they basically informed me that they were getting a lot of pressure because I was at the Capitol,” explained Miletich. “And I want you guys to know, you know, that the people I walked with at the Capitol; none of them that I know of were involved in any of the violence.”

“I walked with white people, black people, a lot of Chinese people who escaped communist China who were for freedom. It was across the board people of different religions, races,” explained Miletich. “But the LFA was getting a lot of pressure and unfortunately, they felt that they needed to distance themselves from me. Which, you know…hey. I understand their position. I love all those guys,” said Miletich.

Later, the longtime LFA color commentator and fight analyst went on to explain that, “The price of freedom is going to be heavy guys and me losing my, you know... job is part of the pain. It’s part of the pain,” explained Miletich.

“Even the people that pressured the LFA to get rid of me, I’m doing my best to fight for your freedom. For over two years before this hit, we told you asymmetrical warfare and financial difficulty was going to be coming on my podcast “The Conspiracy Farm,” said Miletich.

“I have paid a price, certainly, this year by fighting for that freedom for all of you. Even yes, the people that hate me and wanted me to lose my job. But I wanted everybody to know that, you know, I love those guys over at the LFA; I understand their position. I will continue to fight for freedom and I now will be full-time selling Black Oxygen,” said Miletich of his immediate plans for the future.

“My hands are shaking. I’m a little pissed off to be honest with you,” the Iowa native understandably went on to admit.

“I will be full-time selling Black Oxygen and do that for a living. And look, God works in mysterious ways, right? I can focus on helping people, truly people with Black Oxygen; healing a lot of people, so. But, anyway…love you guys and take care,” said Miletich as he signed off exiting with class.

The widespread censorship and purge of conservative Americans currently taking place in the United States today very much reminiscent of Marxist-Leninist totalitarian regimes of the past as the one-party system of rule gradually begins to eat itself from within. In the never-ending quest to prove one’s loyalty to the beast, environments were created where neighbors couldn't trust neighbors, children informed on their parents to the state and now Americans are beginning to turn on their fellow Americans in an effort to appease the dangerously out of control politically correct environment currently embroiling the United States from within. And as the old saying goes, 'If one does not learn from the mistakes of the past, they are destined to repeat them.' Because if history doesn’t repeat itself, it at least certainly rhymes.